Who is Crash?


Crash is a high energy, Canadian entertainer on Twitch.tv

Join Crash 4 days a week with his friends Jeff the unicorn, a timid sandwich named Sammy, and a robot who wants to destroy mankind. See when the next show starts HERE

You can check out Crash's channel below, and if you like what you see, hit that follow button.


Twitch.tv is a live broadcasting service

Twitch.tv is a platform owned by Amazon that is similar to YouTube, but with its main focus being on live broadcasts that the viewers can interact with. You can chat with your favourite broadcaster while they are live and play games with them. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, you can link your Twitch account to your Amazon account to get some pretty cool perks.


Crash’s Twitch.tv Channel

Crash on YouTube

Crash also uploads videos to YouTube now and then from behind the scenes footage, to stream highlights, to free tutorial videos. Check them all out at YouTube.com/CrashKoeck