Who is Crash?


Crash is a high energy, Canadian entertainer on Twitch.tv with unparalleled audience interaction

Crash puts on a show with unrivalled interactivity. From fully custom animations and mini-games that the audience can interact with to the conversion of games like DOOM to allow the audience to do all kinds of actions like bring in new enemies, change the controls for Crash in the middle of a fight, and even transform him into a demon - you won't find a more interactive live show!

Join Crash live 4 days a week on Twitch.tv with his friends Jeff the unicorn, a timid sandwich named Sammy, and a robot who wants to destroy mankind. See when the next show starts HERE

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Crash’s Twitch.tv Channel

A Taste of Crash

Sponsors and affiliations

If you would like to talk to Crash about a partnership, please head over to the contact page and send Crash an email or join the CrashPad Discord